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Special Buys

The Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative periodically arranges special prices for a variety of items. Some of these are assistive technology, others are items that may serve as assistive technology for some individuals, still others are teacher/therapist productivity tools that help them prepare materials that are assistive. Most of these buys are open only to residents of Wisconsin, a few are open to others. Many of the special buys are open only to Wisconsin school districts, others can be purchased by families and individuals in Wisconsin. It all depends on what we are able to negotiate with the manufacturer or vendor. We will note who is eligible to purchase each item mentioned.

Our purpose in arranging these special buys is to make assistive technology more available to children with disabilities in Wisconsin. WATI is pleased to sponsor these special offers on the following items. In all cases, purchasing for these Arranged Buys is done directly with the vendor, not with WATI.

As special buys are negotiated they will be posted here.