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Early Childhood Introduction

This site is organized into five sections: Introduction, Electronic Books, Supportive Materials for I Put My Clothes On, How To, and Complimentary Materials. Materials in this Introduction section are available to assist service providers with connecting with parents about literacy and assistive technology by holding a Parent Party. Other information is for parents, highlighting the importance of literacy during the early years and how to share literacy experiences with a young child with a disability.

The Electronic Books section includes the book, I Put My Clothes On, developed as an example of an early literacy book developed for this project. It is here in three languages: English, Spanish, and Hmong. A second book is the end product of the book demonstrated in the How To section, but also can be used with children. All of these books were developed in PowerPoint and can be run on a computer or printed to put in the hands of the child.

The third section is Supportive Materials for I Put My Clothes On. Many additional materials that support the English version of the book in the previous section are available here. These include paper dolls, picture schedules, and communication boards. They provide examples of the many support materials that can be made for any literacy unit.

Instructions for making electronic books are provided in the Creating and Implementing Electronic Books section. There is a narrative print version as well as a PowerPoint tutorial version. Twinkle Twinkle is the book that is produced in the tutorial.

The final section provides Online Resources in the form of general information about assistive technology and other resources.